Dina Wakley: Golden Paints + Recap

Hi Everyone! It’s Cathie counting down the hours until the Dina Wakley weekend starts at The Paperie. Am I excited? Yes, yes, I am!  This week, I’ve been packing my supplies for classes and making a lot of art journaling pages because my mojo is in high gear.  Did I mention I’m excited? Dina is in Newfoundland right now as you read this!

Today, I’m squeezing in one last product feature before the weekend starts: Golden Fluid Acrylics.

Golden paints and mediums have a fantastic reputation and are used by professional artists. The Fluid Acrylics are high quality paints made from lightfast pigments with a consistency similar to heavy cream.  You can spray, paint and stain with them and blend them with other mediums and glazes.  I like to paint my Golden Fluid Acrylics with a brush through a stencil or spread them with a plastic palette knife over a gessoed surface.  To make pages like this…

Fluid Acrylic_ PIC 1

…and this.

Fluid Acrylic_PIC 2

I like to gesso my pages first for a couple of reasons.

  1. You don’t need to use as much paint. Gesso acts as a barrier and prevents the paint from soaking into the paper.
  2. Techniques. Because the paint doesn’t soak into the paper, it has a slightly longer drying time, which means you can use different techniques on a gessoed page.
  3. Texture. You can make marks in the wet gesso that create interesting textures when dry. The marks are revealed when you add paint.  Like this…

Fluid Acrylic_PIC 3

and this…

Fluid Acrylic_PIC 4

The Paperie has a brought in a Dina-recommended selection of Golden Fluid Acrylics but the catalog has over 50 colors and you can request your favorite colors by emailing or calling The Paperie today.

There is still time to sign up for this wonderful weekend and in case you need a reason why you absolutely should, here is a round up of all Dina related blog posts.

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  12. Dina Wakley Countdown

I hope to see you all this weekend!

Thanks for stopping by!


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