Photo Challenge #ThePaperieNL

Posted by Meghan


We were so inspired by The Scope’s Photo Challenge last month, that we’ve decided to create a list of photo prompts for September!

This week’s Mojo Monday is to play along for the first week, and if you have fun why not keep going?! Here is the lowdown if you’d like to play for the whole month.

How Do I Play?
Think of this as a Photo Scavenger Hunt! Snap a picture each day based on the daily prompts above, if you’re playing along on Instagram add the tag #PaperieNL and share your photos with our community. The point is to take *new* pictures, not to dig through your archives to find the best fit for the prompt.

Do I have to follow the prompts every day?
It’s definitely more fun and challenging that way, and the prompts are wide open to interpretation!  We’re posting a day late so if you miss a day, don’t worry – you can play catch-up at any point. Include a little description with your photo if it’s not obvious how the prompt inspired you.

Is there a prize for completing ThePaperieNL Photo Challenge?
Yes! This is a true creative challenge and we would love to reward your efforts! If you successfully snap & share 30 pictures in 30 days based on the prompts we’ve created, we will draw a name from the participants to WIN a fun prize!

Save our list as your screensaver on your smartphone or as your desktop background. In the past I’ve played along with another photo challenge called “Fat Mum Slim’s Photo a Day Challenge”. My objective in the past was not to participate every single day, but to embrace the challenges whenever I could by taking a fresh look at my surroundings. THIS month, I plan to try for every day! Will you join me??

Here’s my photo for September 1st, “Old”…

IMG_3996Day 1: Old {my favourite house in my old neighbourhood}.

Share your photos in our Mojo Monday Gallery on Facebook or on Instagram with the hashtag #ThePaperieNL! Have fun 🙂

3 thoughts on “Photo Challenge #ThePaperieNL

  1. Hi Ladies, if you don’t have instagram all you need to do is take pictures using a digital camera and upload them to our Mojo Monday Group on Facebook – the link is found within the post. Lorraine, to join the group you should see an option at the top or in the sidebar to “Request to join group”.

    Hope you’ll play along!

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