Mojo Monday – Gratitude

Posted by Janna

Wendy and I took the opportunity to go see a presentation by Jack Canfield last week when he was in town. For those of you who aren’t familiar with Jack, he is the creator and author of the Chicken Soup for the Soul series of books which have sold millions of copies worldwide. His presentation centered around his Success Principles and the power of Positive Thought. This got me thinking about the “positives” in my life and how I have so many. There is always an opportunity to find something that is not going as you had planned, but there are so many highlights/good things happening around us each day, that it’s not hard to find something to be grateful for. Sometimes it’s just about a little shift in perspective.

As I was reading through my Facebook feed last week, I came upon Ali Edwards who had shared a link to a blog that is called The Gratitude Project. Ali was interviewed about what she is grateful for. As we just held our Week in the Life crop at the end of September, I am grateful that Ali created that project. Although I found it time consuming (and my album is not quite finished yet) I think the end result is incredible. I will have this snippet of my life right now, for the years to come.

Your Mojo Monday challenge this week is to create a layout with a photo or photos of something that you are grateful for. With Thanksgiving approaching, maybe you can display your layout for the holiday. Don’t be afraid to share your work with us in our gallery, and with your family and friends.


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