Create a Kit Class – Wednesday October 30th

Create a Kit –with Krista – Wednesday, October 30th (6:30 – 8:30pm)
Can you believe it’s almost Retreat time?  As we all start thinking about what we are working on and what to bring with us we inevitably think about how to kit our supplies to make transporting and getting projects completed done.  If you’re like me you also want to use what you can from your stash – and who is better to ask for tips than the stash buster herself Krista Wells!

Krista swears by kits because they make scrapbooking more efficient and more organized – which means more time for creating!

Continuing in the tradition of kitting Krista is back right before our Fall retreat for another edition of her ‘Create a Kit’ class. She’ll be discussing methods of combining papers and this time around she’ll be focusing on embellishments-namely old & mostly used embellishments which we all have a ton of. How can we make those ‘new’ again? By combining them with new and unexpected product. She’ll also be sharing a few layouts using up some letter sets that are nearly used up or old that you can take some tips from for using up all those old letters stickers and bits! Come check it out and see how creating kits can make your scrapbooking process more efficient!



Join us as Krista  reviews the recipe for a great kit and challenges you to mix the old with the new. Bring along some of your embellishments and element sticker sheets that you’ve collected and she’ll help you see them in a whole new light!  Imagine having all your supplies organized and ready to go so you can enjoy creating without the fuss of choosing your products. What a great way to prep for the upcoming Retreat!  Also with our second hand sale this Saturday you may find some ‘new’ supplies to add to your kits.

Special: Members Price for Everyone: $25.00

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