Silhouette Blog Post – Fabric Inks

Hi everyone, it’s Mary Ann back to show you some of the things that you can make with the amazing Silhouette. I know that Valentine ’s Day is over, but I wanted to share with you this awesome burlap banner that I made using the Silhouette fabric inks.


First, I cut the banner pieces from a large square of burlap.  In all my searching on the internet, I could not find a “recipe” for cutting burlap with the Silhouette. So through trial and error, I came up with Fabric blade at 9, speed 1, thickness 33, and double cut twice (so it was cut four times!). There were still areas where the burlap was not quite cut through, but easy enough to fix with a pair of scissors.

I also used a stiff, iron on fabric interfacing on the burlap. I would like to try this the next time with the Silhouette interfacing to see if it makes a difference in how it cut. If you are interested in trying this – I know that The Paperie can get in the fabric blade, interfacing, and burlap!

Image 1

Once I had the banner pieces all cut, it was time to get ready for the letters and hearts. I used a simple font that had nice block letters. I cut the letters and the hearts out of the Silhouette Stencil vinyl. This vinyl is slightly different from the decorative vinyl I normally use. First, it is clear, and I think it is a bit thicker than the coloured vinyl. It comes with the transfer paper; however, because I was dealing with very simple shapes, I did not use the transfer paper.

The next step was to line up the stencils on the banner pieces. The Silhouette fabric ink was very easy to use. I just dabbed it on to the open area of the stencil using a foam brush. The fabric paint took about 30 mins to dry, and then I set it with a hot iron.  Even though the stencil vinyl is not supposed to be reusable, I was able to reuse the heart stencils on a couple of banner pieces.

I am so happy with how this banner turned out and I already have ideas for other seasons. I also want to try some decorative towels for St. Patrick ’s Day using the beautiful green and grey inks that I have. Once the ink is heat set, it is permanent – so no fears of it washing off!  Stay tuned to the twitter feed for more projects!

Mary Ann

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