Inspired by… Cathie Reed

Hi Everyone;

I feel so blessed to be part of such a creative community; a community I witnessed at its best during our 18th retreat at The Wilds May 1st-4th.  I had such fun seeing what other people were working on and how they build their layouts.  Cathie was showing me some of her GelliPress ‘pulls’ – prints she created using her Gellipress and paints.  Amongst some of her work was this gorgeous transparency that I think I actually squealed about.  Cathie immediately gave it to me and I knew exactly what to do with it:


How awesome is this transparency as a layer on this bright paper.  Cathie also gave me several punched circles that were punched from other ‘pulls’ she did.  I am so in love with this layout and as a person who isn’t as brave yet with the mixed media side of things I really enjoyed getting the look without the work!  Thanks Cathie.  We are hoping to have some of Cathie’s Gellipress creations for sale at The Paperie in the coming weeks.

Hope you’re inspired this week!


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