Mojo Monday – Oct.27/14 – Blog Show & Share – Part 2

Happy Monday! Happy Mojo Monday!!

This week’s challenge is to share some of the Blogs that you follow. Keep ’em coming!!

This week I am sharing a blog post from Elsie Larson, and her blog A Beautiful Mess. This post is titled “10 Reasons To Give Scrapbooking a Chance.”

I love it, I love how she has summed up many of the great reasons why we do what we do, and why we love it. Although we all have personal reasons why we love to create, this list is a great one to share with your friends, the doubters, who know who I mean 😉

The friends and acquaintances who say “Oh, that’s so nice. Did you make that?” “I couldn’t ever do that. I’m not crafty.”

As a working mom to three boys, my guess is that one of the main reasons people think they can’t scrapbook is because they just don’t have the time. I don’t have a lot of spare time, but I choose to grab the few moments I do get to play with my paper and get the memories recorded.

I love her reason number 6 about how scrapbooking will make you zen out and decompress. Absolutely! It is my way to relax. And we all need that.

My layout this week touches on another one of her reasons for scrapbooking – Making scrapbooks will make you feel thankful and reflect. I created this layout in one of my moments of decompression (wine glass in hand 😉

I am so thankful that this photo was shared with me. My grandfather’s baby brother shared this with me a couple of weeks ago. It is a picture of my grandparents, my mother and her two sisters taken in front of the Colonial Building in St. John’s in 1957. I am thankful he shared it because I am able to have that glimpse of my mom as a child, it’s as if I have been given the opportunity to go back in time.






So…. the  idea here for our challenge this week is to share with us the creative blogs that you follow. What/Whom online inspires you to get creative or to learn something new?

We have lots of local blogger talent. If you follow the right-hand side bar of  our blog you will see a list of our Paperie Creative Team, and some of our Paperie Peeps. You can click on their names, and follow the link to their blog.

Some of my own personal favs are blogs from Jennifer McGuire, Vicki Boutin and Dina Wakely, just to only name a few.

We would love for you to share the  creative blogs you follow with us!! Here’s how you can;

  • Upload your link to the Mojo Monday Gallery on our Facebook page.
  • Tweet your link using our Twitter handle
  • Email us your link to

Here’s what we’ll do – We will compile a list of blogs from your input and share it with you all!

A special thanks to our Designer/Instructor Krista that shared Elsie Larson’s blog post with me 🙂

Have fun!


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