Mojo Monday – May 25/15 – Be Prepared

Happy Monday! Happy Mojo Monday!!

This week’s challenge is to choose one upcoming event, and get prepared.

As a Primary School teacher, the end of May means a real mix of emotions. Like my students, I am excited that it is soon time to take a break from the busy school year, but there is so much more. There feels as though there is so much left to be done, and the pace is turned up a notch to get to the finish line. Lots of fun times ahead as we near the end of the school year, and lots of memories to be made!

As a Mom, I know that the end of the school year will bring a ton of excitement for my boys, and also a ton (and I mean that almost literally) of papers, projects and pencils that will come home in their school bags during the last week of June!! What will I do with all of it?? In the past, I have taken the time to sort through the work samples and choose what I want to keep, but it’s all great right? It’s all fantastic! My boys did that!

Earlier this month, Becky Higgins, had reposted a great blog post on managing all the end of school year STUFF. There is some great material here, because there are tips for organization, a video and also some great teacher gift ideas – which is another thing I have to add to my “to-do” list. For those of you who have school-aged children, you should take a few moments to read through her post and perhaps it will inspire you to try something different this year when the book bags get dumped onto the kitchen floor.

I love the idea of photographing my boys’ work. The stuff that is just too big and bulky to keep. Pocket page protectors are a fantastic way to store the bits and pieces as well. I also like that the post is up now, which gives me a full month to get my head around how I will attempt the organization ūüôā

Even if you don’t have a book bag to dump and sort, choose an upcoming event that you know you will be attending or have to be prepared for. Think about how you would like to document it. We took a family vacation last year to Disney, and I created the autograph book before we left. Maybe it’s a good time to make all the birthday cards you will need for your family and friends who will celebrate over the summer? Maybe¬†there’s an upcoming class you will take, and you need to choose and print your pictures?

So I’m getting started – here’s the beginnings of a gift card enclosure I am making for my sons’ teachers.




















We would love for you to share the projects you made with us!!

Here’s how you can;

  • Upload your ¬†project¬†to the Mojo Monday Gallery on our Facebook page.
  • Tweet your project¬†using our Twitter handle
  • Email us a photo of your project¬†to¬†

Have fun!


One thought on “Mojo Monday – May 25/15 – Be Prepared

  1. Great blog post, Janna! I’m definitely going to check out that link and lift the idea of how you used those Echo Park stickers. I think I still have some of those in my stash.

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