August Card Kit – Guest Designer – Trina Ralph

Hi Everyone;

For this month’s card kit we asked Paperie customer and friend Trina Ralph to play along and she certainly got the most out of this months kit … we love that she tried so many different techniques and mixed them in with simple cards.

I was so excited when Tina asked me if I would do the card kit this month. Its my first time doing a kit for the blog! Of course, I promptly went home and found that I lost my muse. So I set them aside and picked it up last night and I was INSPIRED by every piece of paper. The bobunny paper pad was my favourite and I was able to incorporate into many different pieces! I also love the stamps – especially how the sentiments fit in different shapes! Wicked.
















“Mini Hearts” -I loved this green shimmer paper and wanted to highlight it! Also – I knew I wanted to use the white card stock a little later – so a hidden piece of the bobunny is here. I had made a mistake on the printed side and thought – hey this is white on the back. So I used it as my frame. Waste not, want not. I top-centred a 1 3/8” circle punch to make the window and stamped the sentiment inside. When someone has the ability to make your day special – well you love them. This lead to my eureka moment! Use the mini heart punch!!! (it came in a set of two with a crown at The Paperie. And if you know me at all you all know Princess Trina NEEDED a crown punch!) I punch scraps from two of the sheets of the bobunny pad and adhered them with glue dots! Simple, easy, FUN and done.










“Hooray” – This card is actually inspired by me or rather my unique love of boating that is paired with a fear of actually stepping on a boat. I am in heaven once I on the boat. But terrified on that moment when I step off a wharf. So when I get on a boat I truly and always YELL “HOORAY” so with that stamp and wheel paper this card just had to be made. Yes – an odd fear. But that pretty well sums me up – uniquely odd!

I used the orange dot card stock for framing the bobunny wheel paper. Then I stamped “HOORAY” on a piece of scrap white and used my label punch. To give it a more nautical feel I wrapped some twine I had on hand around the label. Put two foam dots on the back, place it on the card and HOORAY, it was complete.


“Thank You” highlights the wheel paper again. I often like angling paper this way and do it on my scrapbook pages too. I am not a lover of fussy cutting. But wanted to give it a good in these cards. I stuck with a very simple banner. I know straight lines are not exactly fussy. BUT HEY – I cut it. I am using foam dots to lift it and added to epoxy hexagons to finish it off. Oh sorry for my thumb print. I answered the phone and had to race a husky that was attacking my craft station. She eats copics, paint brushes, stamps -and there was no way she was getting this card. I won – but did not wipe my hands before I dashed and grabbed. Good thing she is a cute dog…




A couple of weeks ago I purchased the Koi Water Colours Pocket Field Sketch Box and since then I have been too busy to play in the craft room. When I saw the tags I seized the moment broke out the pallet of water colour and dug in! They are wonderful – small enough to go in your purse and lay on beautiful colour with ease! Then add two simple stamps (versa fine ink) and voila gift tags ready to go!






Tina is amazing. And I really need to iisten to her more. She has been telling me to try colour bloom for ages. I resisted. Had enough supplies at home. Did not need them. But when The Paperie had an awesome sale a couple of weeks ago, I caved. What can I say. Why did I not listen sooner. All those months without this spray. Yes, it is that deliciously divine. I don’t think you can see in the photo but it shimmers so perfectly and beautifully. I used stencils I had on hand for both of the next cards and when I saw how pretty they were I knew to keep it simple and elegant. The two colours I used are soft teal and yellow mustard and the circle punch I used was 1 3/8″ If you have not tried them you really need too! I am going to buy more – in the space of 10 minutes it has become my favourite spray. YIPPEE!!!!!






















Balloons in the Night” A while ago I bought glow in the dark embossing powder. I love all things glow in the dark. Can’t help it. I am the person at the fair spending too much on glow sticks and I don’t even have children. It is a serious addiction. This card is so simple but so much fun. I stamped the balloons with versa mark on the same card stock I used as a base. Then, for the very first time, I opened my glow in the dark embossing powder. I was dancing as I sprinkled it on. In fact, I almost forgot to heat set it before I ran off to find a dark corner to try it. Patience is not my virtue. My mantra till it was complete “FINISH IT! FINSIH IT!”


For the other elements : I had some black and white twine that I separated and used for the strings, then I laid the middle balloon flat and popped the two outside ones with foam adhesive, then stamped the word celebrate because I did celebrate my first glow in the dark card!

I made this card in the middle of the day – My craft room is also a sunroom. There was not much glowing going on. What was a girl to do? I promptly ran to my closet (its a small one not a walk in), closed the door, wrestled a dress and sweater and managed to get a glow picture. I love this card.













OH MY GOD. It happened. The birthday, anniversary, event that you have forgotten and not a card in your stash because you have a Husky… a cute paper eating husky. This card was inspired by urgent need. Its a quick dirty and simple creation. I have to say again. I really love this bo bunny paper pad. I have used it a lot! I used the dotted paper, matched it to a sheet in the pad and punch three scalloped circles. I stamped on and raised this one when I placed them on the base. Done and faster than singing Happy Birthday…twice. 😉











I love this card. I used the backside of a sheet from the bo bunny pad for the frame. I have to say I would not normally do that. But I wanted to “kill” the kit and use it every where I can. I took the sheet that looked like stamps and cut them out by hand, lined them up on the background, and glued them on with runner adhesive. I wanted to make some pop. So randomly with no rhyme or reason I popped some up with foam dots. The sentiment is a sticker from the kit. I had no idea what this card was going to when I started. It just happened and making this card was like the unplanned road trip – An Adventure!!











Thanks Trina!

Needless to say Trina certainly killed this kit.  If you don’t already subscribe to our card kits give us a call and we can get you one – great deal with tons of options for card makers.

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