Mojo Monday – Sept.14/15 – Ready, Set, Colour!

Happy Monday! Happy Mojo Monday!!

This week our challenge is to get out your crayons, pencils or markers and get colouring!

Earlier this summer I read an online news article on the benefits of colouring for adults. As a paper crafter, it is easy for me to understand the joys of colouring. I’m also a primary school educator, so I have seen a crayon or two in my day 🙂

But this week the news headline popped up in my feed again – Colouring books can be therapeutic for adults.. or something along those lines (pardon the pun). Some artists will even argue that colouring activities for adults, increase appreciation for art. Others says that it’s a fantastic stress reliever because it forces you to take your time and slow down.

Here’s a tweet today from the CHA – Craft and Hobby Association @CraftandHobby referencing an article on the growing popularity of adult colouring books.

My oldest son who is now in Junior High, had a homework assignment to do this week, in which he had to colour something. He initially grumbled about having to add colour to his work, but once he sat down, he started asking questions. “Mom, this is not the right shade of red! Do we have anything else here to colour with?” My middle son chimed in with “Have you seen her collection? Use her watercolours!” I have to admit that this brings joy to my ears knowing that I have a  son who knows about my watercolour pencils and crayons!!

My eldest started out colouring his background with my watercolours, and then going over them with a blending marker. Oh the joy brought in such small and unique ways 😉


Now it’s your turn! Find something to colour this week. Maybe it’s a card you are making, something on a scrapbook page, or finding a few quiet moments to colour in a colouring book!

And for those kids out there that are looking for a fun way to spend a Sunday afternoon, you can join us on Sept.27th for a Kids Birthday Card class, with instructor Sara Case Strickland!

How do you share your colouring with us??

  • Upload your coloured creations to the Mojo Monday Gallery on our Facebook page.
  • Tweet your creation using our Twitter handle
  • Email us at

Have fun!


One thought on “Mojo Monday – Sept.14/15 – Ready, Set, Colour!

  1. I’m a study in irony. As a kid I loved drawing but hated colouring. Now as an adult I have a gazillion stamps but realize I still hate colouring. Lol I do it…but it is one of my least fav paper crafting techniques .

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