Mojo Monday – Feb.1/16 – Kids Valentines

MojoMonday_edited-1Happy Monday! Happy Mojo Monday!!

This week our challenge is to share your craft with a child.

For those of you who have school-aged children at home, you know that Valentines day is fast approaching. The kids love to share their cards with their friends. Why not let them make their own cards this year? The Paperie loves to offer kids classes and birthday parties because the children are so eager and enthusiastic to get busy making awesome stuff with their own personal flair! No apprehension here – just pure fun! This upcoming weekend, on Feb. 7th, we will offer our second Kids Valentines class for this year. Here is one of the cards that the kids will make.

imageIt’s always a fun couple of hours full of crafting and snacks!  Call or email us if you know a certain someone who is interested.

Our house has always been full of Star Wars fans, but the enthusiasm has ramped up a notch (or two – thanks Disney) since the release of the new movie. The Force is strong with us – and has led my oldest to the theatre three times already 😉

No surprise here this year that their Valentines will follow the theme. I spent part of my afternoon yesterday with one of my boys and his good friend making their cards. They were eager to try out my new Minc mini. We foiled some Star Wars quotes and then used thumbprints, inks and markers to doodle the rest. Lots of fun!

IMG_7371 IMG_7373 IMG_7376

Your challenge this week is to share your love of crafting with a child. You may not have Valentines to make, but maybe someone wants to print a photo and tell a story about it. Maybe there is a birthday card to be made for a friend. Who knows?

Have fun with this week’s challenge!


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