Inspired by…

Repeat Performances!

This week’s inspiration came from a canvas I made for my husband a couple of years ago. It was a gift for him for Father’s day. I saw the canvas and thought, I should make that layout again!! So many times, we sit down to our creative spaces and set out on a new adventure, trying new techniques. It’s also never a bad idea to recreate a layout or card that you loved making, and use something new, something different. Maybe it’s a new colour theme, or some new product!


I had fun with creating the background for this newer version. I traced a heart template once again, and used my watercolours to trace the shape and add some colour. I also used the same stencil to create the background with a spray mister. This project was one I created for a colleague of mine, also a primary school educator. My teacher plan book is a modified from its original state (boring!) and recreated into a binder that I can add my own flair to. Not to mention adding some awesome MAMBI Happy Planner accessories! My colleague asked me to make one for her this year, so I used her photo, created the layout and slid it into the front cover of her binder. Now her plan book is more personal, and she will also enjoy the planner accessories to boot!

img_9912 img_9913 img_9914

Hope you are all inspired to create something wonderful this week!


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