Inspired by…

Making time.

I guess it makes sense that as a paper crafter, and co-owner of a paper crafting business, I would be documenting my everyday life. It makes sense that I take photos at the most likely, and unlikely times. I am recording what’s happening in my life. Why? Especially when that “everyday life” is so busy that there are moments when I feel like my to-do list is on a ferris wheel that never really stops turning!

I know I am not alone. We are all so busy. We all have places to be and responsibilities to others. Finding moments for ourselves are often sandwiched in between everything else. Is that ok? Of course it is! I am not an expert at Making Time. In fact, I would say that I could really do a better job. Quite often I will have a conversation with someone who will ask me about my scrapbooking. The question usually is “But where do you get the time?” I try my best to find what time I can to record what’s happening.  It’s important to me that our story be told and recorded.

Wendy and I are both big fans of the Project Life® system. We find that it’s a manageable way for us to keep track of what’s happening. Here’s a link to a video I found this week on Becky Higgins’ Facebook page. I thought it was a great video for anyone who is interested in getting started, or who once was scrapbooking, and now would like to get back at it.



Interested in getting started? What to try something different? There’s a basic supply list to get going with Project Life®;

I love creating 12×12 layouts as well. I love trying out new techniques and making a page pretty with new products. Even though my albums are mainly pocket pages with photos and journaling cards, I also can easily add a 12×12 layout whenever I want. The best of both worlds!

img_0461 img_0463 img_0462



Have fun! I hope you are all inspired by something wonderful this week!


One thought on “Inspired by…

  1. Hi Janna, I too use a combo of project life intermingled with 12 x 12s [ my fav format]. Strangely tho, I struggle waaaaay more with the project life than the 12 x 12s! I mostly use this duel format for travel albums as I do 12x 12 for really special photos and can fit a whole lot more travel photos in the PL pages. As you say”the best of both worlds’ !

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