A Favour to ask … for a good cause.

Hi Everyone!

Having a baby is one of the happiest moments for parents and families. Sometimes babies are born premature or are born with health issues needing to stay in the Neonatal Intensive Care unit at the Janeway. This can be a very stressful time for parents and families in addition to the joy of having a baby. Staff in the NICU help care for these premmies and newborns throughout their stay, as well as providing support to parents and their families. November 17th is World Prematurity Day.


1 in 12 babies born in Newfoundland and Labrador are born premature. This is a special day in our province for raising awareness, celebrating and recognizing for our tiny miracles. On November 20, 2016 is the 2nd Annual Wee Ones Walk at the Janeway. Show your support by dropping by the Janeway at the ship at 10am. Hear wonderful stories of hope, strength and love from families who have had a baby born premature.


One of the special things Nurses at the Janeway do besides helping these wee ones grow and become healthy is make a scrapbook page to place at the baby’s bedspace. These pages have the baby’s name, birthday, weight, head circumference and length as well as baby’s footprints. Parents love them and bring them home to frame in the baby’s room or place in their own scrapbook/album or keepsake box.

Your challenge  is to “bash your stash” and make generic scrapbook pages such as the ones below to donate to the NICU babies.





For each layout you make between now and Christmas and drop off to the Paperie, your name will be entered for a prize – one of our Paperie 2017 calendar kits (valued at $34.99). You can also show your support by making these all year long. 1 in 12 babies have a hodpital stay in the NICU, so that’s a lot of scrapbook pages. Thank you for showing your support to our special little fighters!



Janna and Wendy

3 thoughts on “A Favour to ask … for a good cause.

  1. As a nurse in the NICU I want to thank anyone and everyone who does this for us. These pages make such an impact and mean more than you can possibly know. Thank you again! Also, if you need anyone to pick up please let me know!

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