Mojo Monday – Get Organized

Good morning all! I know last week was officially the first week of back to normal, but I’ve been dragging my heels a bit when it comes to starting all of those new year projects Ive been thinking about.  Now that my tree is down and back into storage,  its time to get to it!

One of my projects is to better organize my craft room, decluttering, removing what I don’t use, and making it easier to keep tidy. Having a space you enjoy makes it much easier to create. I’ve been scanning Pinterest for ideas and I found a great blog post by  from last January. These are a few things that I might try:

Paint shelf –  this looks easy enough to make.  Could also work for enamel and Stickles


Fabric file –  Love this!


Picture frame organizer for Stickles and Enamel


and if you don’t have a dedicated crafting room, but could manage a closet, this is a great idea to keep things organized, and hide them away when you’re done!

So this week’s Mojo Monday challenge is to work on organizing your space, and also to share any great ideas that you have tried or would like to try.  Visit our Mojo Monday Facebook group where you can post your pics.

Im looking forward to seeing some great ideas 🙂




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