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Journaling Prompts


Don’t you love it when you come across something really cool when you are surfing the net? I find I often get lost in the World Wide Web, and end up reading a recipe for a new dinner idea when I set out to place my son’s school lunch order! Or am left wondering what I was actually looking for after about 20 minutes of random floating around the tabs and pages!!

This week I was looking for some journaling prompts and came across a website that had a neat idea for a 5 year journal. The post is an older one by Tami Taylor from 2012, but the idea is great! Though I may not journal the answer to 365 questions, I think it’s a super idea for my Project Life® album as well as my traditional layouts.

I am a big believer in journaling and telling our story. These questions are a great place to get started and could also inspire photo ideas for our pages as well. The post includes questions for each month of the year. A worthwhile place to rest on the www for me this week 🙂




Have fun! I hope you are all inspired by something wonderful this week!


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