Project Life – our way

Hi Everyone;

Janna and I both love mixing up our scrapbooking styles but we also have made Project Life part of our regular memory keeping.  I started Project Life about 5 years ago and nagged Janna to join me – she did and she loves it!  (insert ‘I told you so!’ here).  In order to keep Project Life both enjoyable and achievable in our busy lives we have learned a few tricks along the way and have some favourite supplies that we keep going back to.


Cover page for 2017 – just paper and acetate cut apart and placed in pockets and embellished.


sample of every day life in a weekly spread – with simple embellishments.


This picture is a shot of a different design page protector that worked for my pictures that week – I mix it up and the randomness of it does not bother me at all.

Supplies for Project Life

Project Life is the type of scrapbooking that basically consists of an album with divided pocket pages and cards that fit into those pocket pages (primarily 4×6 and 3×4) – and you can do it with just the album, page protectors,  cards, journalling pen and pictures. However let’s face it, most of us have scrapbooking supplies that are a perfect fit for project life style scrapbooking.

  • Tim Holtz tiny attacher
  • tombow glue
  • washi tape
  • enamel dots & other embellishments
  • tags and tabs
  • date stamps
  • photo signature pens
  • photo flips
  • Copic multi-liner to journal
  • thickers and/or letter stickers
  • DIY journalling cards
  • page protectors (Design A, 6×12 inserts, envelopes and document size)
  • cut apart pages
  • acetate
  • anything gold foil!
  • selphy printers
  • labels
  • 6×6 pads of pattern paper

Some of our favourites and most used supplies are below:


  • small Fiskars cutter – I often print all my pictures 4×6 and trim as I go
  • Tim Holtz tiny attacher – great for adding embellishments and ephemera
  • Photo Signature Pen – if you don’t have this … go get one – allows you to write and journal directly on your photos without smudging.


  • Letter stickers, letter stickers and more letter stickers!  I used this directly on my photos, for journalling and to make the date/ title cards.


photo flips – one of my all time favourite supplies – you can add the extra photos and bits for an interactive spread without have to add a full extra page protector – for me I love that it allows me to keep my photos chronological so that the same pieces of the week’s story are together.  For example several photos of one sporting event can all sit together and I can ‘hide’ the journalling.


Stamps and ink – I consider this an extra – I love creating cards and as such I have a lot of stamps that can be used on project life pages either directly on photos or to create my own cards.



and of course project life cards – I have numerous core kits and some of the smaller mini kits I organize them in clear shoe boxes so I can just pull out the box and sift through.


and here’s how I store mine:


On a shelf in my scrapbook room within reach from my main scrapbook island. You can also see my obscene washi collection which I also use on project life cards and photos to embellish.

Tips for keeping Project Life attainable

  • print photos once during the week *I tend to do Sunday night
  • Pick a kit or the paper first.
  • coral all your tools in a tray
  • include matching embellishments
  • journalling
  • write your dates on post it notes and label your page protectors with them
  • print pictures regularly and slot them into the week as is – at least then when you go back to it you’re ready to go


for the most part I exclusively use my Canon Selphy printer for Project Life.  If there are a couple of weeks that we are away I might upload photos and send for printing at Costco.

for journalling my pen choices vary – I love stationery so I have tons of pens but these are the ones I reach for most often.


  • photo signature pen for journalling directly on photos
  • Pilot frixion erasable pen
  • copic multiliner
  • prisma color pen set – which I take if we are going to cabin or travelling as it has different size pens for different purposes

remember!  to do project life you really only need pictures, journalling pen, project life cards or paper to cut apart and an album.  Everything listed above is optional and more to point out a way to use what you may already have.

Wendy’s process

I take pictures – a lot of pictures of totally random things, could be a meal, the chaos that is my kitchen island (despite my promise when we had it put in that it would be kept clear!), kids sporting activities, the weather, quiet moments and sometimes the big moments.  Project Life for me is about capturing the random, everyday bits of life.  I would love to have this from my mom and grandmother to see what day to day looked like.  The bigger events (dance shows, birthdays, christmas, often have separate layouts or projects) – sometimes but not always.  For me it’s about having fun while memory keeping.  Because I’m a very visual person I need to have a few things in place in order for Project Life to work for me.  I need my most used supplies accessible and visible.  I need to block of time to complete my weekly spread – for me this is usually Sunday afternoons when my daughter has a long stretch of dance classes.  Other weeks (like those when you feel like you’ve been in ten places at once – basketball tournament, volleyball tournament, hockey practice, soccer practice and dance!) it might be 15 minutes here or there as you can grab it.  My advice find the time that makes sense for you but be flexible – your pictures will be there on your phone when ready and you will know when the photo was taken … that’s the hard work done! For me time doing project life is my creative time, I unwind and have a coffee or glass of wine and spend time documenting the everyday – I love it and do it for myself.  One of my biggest pet peeves – just to put it out there – is when people say ‘you must have a lot of time to do all of that’ .. seriously ?!! We can all make time for what we consider important – for me carving out time to do this is important.  I might not watch tv or read as many books as others but for me Project Life is my activity of choice when I can grab a few minutes. Also to note I still do more ‘traditional scrapbooking’ whenever the mood strikes so I don’t use Project Life as my be all and end all for memory keeping however it is my consistent weekly approach.

If you are interested in seeing more project life spreads on the blog let us know in the comments.

Happy Memory Keeping!

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