This week’s Double Deal!!

We are super excited with our NEW offer!

Beginning this week, we will feature two items or categories and offer them as a


Enjoy savings all week long on these great in-stock products!

Distress Stains 50% OFF

Planner Supplies 50% OFF

Our instructor, Sara, has created some really cool pieces using the Distress Stains. She featured them in her last A Little Bit Messy class.

Hi all, it’s Sara! Anyone who has ever crafted with or taken a class from me knows that I have a slightly unreasonable/obsessive love for the Ranger Distress line of products. I have the inks in every colour and some of them in the minis as well – don’t judge me, they’re too cute not to buy!

For me, a very close second to the inks are the Stains. Because they’re liquid you can do more fluid blending of colours and some different backgrounds than you can with inks. Obviously, you can water down the inks to get them moving, and I do that a lot, but you’re also adding more liquid to your surface, causing pilling of the paper and more warping. You want a fun and fluid background without those issues? Distress Stain to the rescue!

Aren’t those papers beautiful?!? Two quick minutes, a bit of drying time and you have card bases ready to go. I cut these up, add some stamping and when a birthday rolls around, or I need a lunch box note I have them right there.

Another thing I love to do it faux watercolour. Just add the Stain to your craft mat and paint in any image. It’s a fun twist on colouring with pencils or markers.


Don’t forget to pop into The Paperie and stock up on Stains – I have it on good authority that they’re a really good price right now!

There are also some really great deals to be had for those of you out there who like to plan ahead! Maybe you already have a planner, or maybe you want to get started, but keeping track of all the fun of our everyday lives is so much better when you have a pretty planner to help 😉

This week you will be able to stock up on a wide variety of cool products to help keep your planners (and your projects) beautiful and add some creative flair! Washi tapes, Happy Planner supplies, planner themed stamps, chalk inks, pens including Frixion pens, planner themed stickers and embellishments, to name a few! We’ve put together a great in-store display for you to check out and find the savings!

Here are some photos of examples of some great planner supplies! (All items featured may not be available depending on current in-stock supply)
Discounts are valid on in-stock qualifying product only. coupons & discounts cannot be combined. full frequent buyer cards cannot be redeemed on discounted merchandise. this double deal runs from april 11-13th/17.


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