Dina Wakley – What a fabulous weekend!

We can’t believe it came and went so fast!  A sure sign of a good time.  Dina definitely lived up to all of the anticipation and then some.  She is an amazing teacher and supported the whole group in challenging ourselves in the new techniques … Wendy even got her hands messy!


Dina's book

Dina joined us at The Paperie on Friday evening where she signed a few books with some eager customers and chatted about art journalling.  Dina also brought a few of her art journals with her so that we could “fondle with our eyes”, as she would say.  Amazing work and wonderful to see and touch it in person!





Dina had three rules, which we loved.
#1: No Thinking.
#2: No Moaning.
#3. You don’t have to do anything I say except “no thinking & no moaning”.

On Saturday morning participants joined Dina to create an Encaustic Tag book – what fun we had!  The beeswax is certainly an amazing medium to work with and I think we may have a few of our gals ready to play with this some more … stay tuned for some projects from Cathie Reed.


Dina supplied mists and stencils for us to use, meaning we got to play with some of the new templates from both Dina and Tim Holtz … more stencils are on the way to The Paperie and we have lots in stock too! Unlike her good buddy Dyan Reaveley, Dina does not believe in cleaning her stencils.


Saturday afternoon we did Graffiti of My Life and delved deeper into mixed media and book binding – tons of techniques we will all use again for sure.  Dina’s enthusiasm and general personality was contagious as she encouraged everyone to try out new things.

Fluid Acrylic_ PIC 1

On Sunday we took part in a full day Art Journaling Class and learned how to make the pages we didn’t love into ‘baby thighs’ – awesome!  There was so much happy going on during this weekend and we’ve received such positive feedback from those who attended classes.

We are so fortunate to be able to encourage incredibly talented women like Dina to come visit and share with us.  The Paperie community is blessed with an amazing group of women who support each other in our artistic and creative journeys and we can’t wait to see what comes next. Thanks for visiting Dina; and you never know when you might be invited back!

Janna & Wendy

Dina Wakley: Golden Paints + Recap

Hi Everyone! It’s Cathie counting down the hours until the Dina Wakley weekend starts at The Paperie. Am I excited? Yes, yes, I am!  This week, I’ve been packing my supplies for classes and making a lot of art journaling pages because my mojo is in high gear.  Did I mention I’m excited? Dina is in Newfoundland right now as you read this!

Today, I’m squeezing in one last product feature before the weekend starts: Golden Fluid Acrylics.

Golden paints and mediums have a fantastic reputation and are used by professional artists. The Fluid Acrylics are high quality paints made from lightfast pigments with a consistency similar to heavy cream.  You can spray, paint and stain with them and blend them with other mediums and glazes.  I like to paint my Golden Fluid Acrylics with a brush through a stencil or spread them with a plastic palette knife over a gessoed surface.  To make pages like this…

Fluid Acrylic_ PIC 1

…and this.

Fluid Acrylic_PIC 2

I like to gesso my pages first for a couple of reasons.

  1. You don’t need to use as much paint. Gesso acts as a barrier and prevents the paint from soaking into the paper.
  2. Techniques. Because the paint doesn’t soak into the paper, it has a slightly longer drying time, which means you can use different techniques on a gessoed page.
  3. Texture. You can make marks in the wet gesso that create interesting textures when dry. The marks are revealed when you add paint.  Like this…

Fluid Acrylic_PIC 3

and this…

Fluid Acrylic_PIC 4

The Paperie has a brought in a Dina-recommended selection of Golden Fluid Acrylics but the catalog has over 50 colors and you can request your favorite colors by emailing or calling The Paperie today.

There is still time to sign up for this wonderful weekend and in case you need a reason why you absolutely should, here is a round up of all Dina related blog posts.

Interview with Dina Wakley

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  8. Gelatos
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  10. Stencils
  11. Dylusions Spray Inks and Art Journal
  12. Dina Wakley Countdown

I hope to see you all this weekend!

Thanks for stopping by!


Dina Wakley Countdown: One Week to Go!

Posted by Cathie

Hi Everyone!

I’m excited to remind you that it’s only 1 week until Dina Wakley arrives at The Paperie to teach a whole weekend of classes. The event starts on Friday night with a Meet-n-Greet crop where you can purchase a signed copy of Dina’s book, Art Journal Freedom.

In her book, Dina shares inspirations and ideas, techniques and tips to help you art journal with ease.  A few weeks ago, Sara shared one of her favorite techniques from Dina’s book. Today, I’m going to show you how I used Art Journal Freedom to finish an art journal page that I started ages ago but was having trouble finishing.

Here’s the page I chose to work on.  (And just to keep it real, that’s what my desk currently looks like).

Book Pic 1

Using the design principles Dina covers in her book, I identified the following problems:

  • No white space. I painted the whole background blue and now there’s nowhere for the eye to rest.
  • Proximity problem. My elements are disconnected – just floating on the page.
  • No focal point. I didn’t start this page with an end in mind so there’s no dominant image.

My first step was to address the proximity problem. I sprayed some SC Mister Huey Estate Green through my favorite stencil, Blazonry by Balzer Designs.

Book Pic 2

Then I added some Mustard Seed Distress Paint through another favorite stencil, Dylusions 9×12 Dotted Flower.

Book Pic 3jpg

I was definitely on the way to solving the proximity problem but the SC Estate Green had dried much darker than I planned and I wasn’t happy. Still I was committed to moving forward so I turned to problem #3 and started working on a focal point.  I started with a heart shape cut from a scrap of watercolor paper and covered in Tim Holtz Tissue wrap.

Book Pic 4

I still thought the background was too dark so I sprayed some Dylusions White Linen spray ink to knock back the dark green.

Book Pic 5

I decided to add some color to the heart and sprayed it with Dylusions Funky Fuschia. I let some excess ink drip on the page to tie in the color.

Book Pic 6

But that didn’t work at all so I abandoned the heart in favor of stars. I sprayed a scrap piece of black cardstock with Heidi Swapp Color Shine Gold. Then I punched out some star shapes and scattered them on my page.

Book Pic 7

And that’s when it all came together for me. I knew that I wanted to journal about the song, “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star”.  I wrote the first line of the song and then some thoughts I wanted to capture.

Book Pic 8

I added some extra pen work like doodles and scribbles…


…and a punched a pink circle to put under one of the stars. To help the stars pop off the dark green part of the page. And here’s the final page.

Book Pic 10

I solved all the design problems on this page using Art Journal Freedom.  Now there’s plenty of white space for the eye to rest. I solved the proximity problem by overlapping the new elements with the ones on original page with my stencils and stars. And the page now has a focus with the title work and stars.

I hope Sara and I have convinced you to pre-order your copy of Art Journal Freedom. It’s a book I turn to again and again for information and inspiration. There’s still time to sign up for the Dina Wakley weekend so call The Paperie today to reserve your seat. You’re not going to want to miss it.

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Dina Wakley Countdown: Hero Arts Daubers!

Posted by Cathie

Hi Everybody!

It’s Cathie here today to talk to you about Hero Arts Neon Daubers. This is one of my inspired-by-Dina-purchases. I heard Dina mention them on a recent episode of The Paperclipping Roundtable and had to have them.


The Hero Arts Daubers are available in 12 colors but I chose 5 of the 6 Neon Daubers for today’s post. There’s just something about neon I can’t resist.  All the Hero Arts daubers are water-based, archival, fade resistant, and acid free. That means that while they’re wet they will react with water but when they’re dry they are permanent.

The very first thing I made with the daubers was some index cards for the Index Card a Day challenge.  I just wanted to see what the colors would look like out of the bottle and I hate to waste color.


I just love how bright the neon colors are – they do not disappoint.  They’re also really easy to use and that makes it easy to control just how much neon you want on your page.

So, what do I like to do with the neon daubers? Well, here are my top 3 favorite things.

1. Use with stencils.  I love my stencils and anything that helps me use them is going to be top of my list. The daubers felt top means they work well with stencils. If you want a crisp image, use a light hand and build up color in layers.

Dauber Pic 2

Or you can squeeze the bottle for a less defined image

Dauber Pic 3

2. Gel Medium Resist. This is one of my favorite techniques. I paint gel medium (also called multi-medium) through a stencil and set aside to dry. I like the Liquitex brand for this technique but it works with other brands just as well.

Dauber Pic 4

When the gel medium is dry, spritz the surface lightly with water and then add your color, in this case, the neon dauber. You can apply the color directly to your page or through a stencil. If you use a stencil, don’t spritz the page with water first.

Dauber Pic 5

You can instantly see the gel medium resisting the neon ink but keep spritzing with water until you’re happy with your background and set aside to dry. You can use this technique with lots of different products like Distress Inks, Distress Stains and Dylusions ink sprays.

Dauber Pic 6

3. Neon Ink Splats.  This is a great way to add a little pop of neon to your pages and projects. First, squeeze some ink into a cup or bowl. Here I’m using leftover packaging from pack of SC wood veneers.

Dauber Pic 7

Dip your brush in the ink and pick up as much as you can.

Dauber Pic 8

Tap, tap, tap the ink where you want it on your page.

Dauber Pic 9

If you want bigger splats,  squeeze the bottle as your pound your dauber onto the page – think hammering a nail. The harder you smash, the bigger the splats. I like to pound the dauber a couple of times for really big, colorful splats.  I call them “mega splats”. Just remember, the bigger the splats, the bigger the mess. So, protect your work surface and your clothes.

Dauber Pic 10

And here’s the final layout I made using these techniques.


Oh, these little daubers are so fun. I hope you feel inspired to pick up a few and play. I’m planning to take these with me to the Dina Wakley weekend. I just know they’ll add the perfect pop of color to all the wonderful projects we’re going to make. It’s not too late for you to sign up, just call The Paperie today and reserve your seat.

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Cathie is a coffee fiend , work-from-home-mom-marketing consultant, blogger, scrapbooker and art journaling enthusiast. A creative team member and instructor for The Paperie, she is a huge fan of “flopportunities” and “happy accidents”. Cathie is forever inspired to try new techniques, products and projects all of which she shares on her blog, www.cathiereed.blogspot.com.

Dina Wakley Countdown: Re-Inkers!

Posted by Sara

When Dina Wakley came out with her own book earlier this year I was very excited. When I got and read it, I was even more so. Art Journal Freedom is full of fabulous basics, diagrams, step-by-step photos, and techniques. Even better, it’s a great book for any scrapbooker, not just Art Journalers.

Pre-Order for $23.75!

Pre-Order for $23.75!

This book explains symmetry, composition, colour, repetition, and so much more – I really think it’s a tool everyone needs to own!

One of my favourite techniques in the book is using re-inkers. Although I don’t have the same ones Dina used, I do have Distress Reinkers and tried them out in my Art Journal:

photo 1 -embrace possibility background

It didn’t quite turn out as I wanted but the colour is nice and bright. It looks like a hot mess, hey? 😉 Well, the nice thing about an Art Journal is the ability to play, so after looking at it I thought all that colour would make a great background for one of Dina’s Sally Carly stencils:

photo 2 - embrace possibility

Isn’t that better? The black makes the colour pop without overwhelming it and the background adds loads of interest to the shape.

Not willing to give up, I tested my reinkers on watercolour paper:

photo 3 - reinker background

Again, not exactly what I wanted – too much colour and the circles are too precise – but I was getting closer, and I loved the drip effect. I’m saving this one, it will make a great background or, cut into pieces, fun card fronts!

My third attempt turned out to be the perfect backdrop for my photo. Because of the movement and texture created by the reinkers, I only needed to add a few extras to finish the page, like Coarse Texture Gel through a stencil to ground my picture:

photo 4 - seagulls texture gel

A little light stamping and white alpha letters completed it:

photo 5 - seagulls alphas

And that was it – simple but such awesome colour:

photo 6 - seagulls

There are a bunch of other techniques and ideas that I’m just itching to try out – I feel like I’m in art class at grade school again!

I really would recommend Dina’s book to any of you – all the chapters and ideas presented will really help pull together any LO, even traditional ones, and you might have some fun playing while you’re at it!

Thanks for stopping by, I hope to see you all at Dina’s classes in August!



Sara teaches all kinds of fabulous classes for the Paperie, including our popular Yearlong Album class! She is also a Design Team Member for the new Paperie Card Kit and she is on the Simple Scrapper Design Team. She is thrilled to have had her work published in both Create and Cards magazines, as well as Creating Keepsakes. Sara writes about scrapbooking, silly kids, her crazy life, and more on her blog, sarathings.

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Dina Wakley Countdown: Stamps!

Hey everyone! Our Instructor/Designer Sara Case Strickland is back this week for the Dina Wakley Countdown, here she is again…


In the past, I’ve had a hard time stamping on my scrapbook LO’s. Since I’ve added stamps more suited to mixed media, it’s gotten a little easier and way more fun!

I actually have quite a large collection of stamps in this genre but my favourites at the moment are:

Dina Wakley for Stampington & Company (these are singles and they’re all good!)
Tim Holtz for Stamper’s Anonymous Mixed Media
Donna Downey for Unity Stamp Company Art & Possibility
Donna Downey for Unity Stamp Company Empowered Words

The Paperie can order all of these in and I actually used them all on the LO for today’s post.

I started by playing in my Art Journal to try out the new Dina Wakley stamps I just got at The Paperie last week. When I stamped Lonely Girl, she didn’t seem lonely to me, she seemed to be tough and strong and have lots of attitude:

photo1 - be strong

She was perfect for my friend who just got married. She and Lonely Girl are both full of strength:

photo2 - be strong - girl

The journal page didn’t turn out as I originally envisioned but that’s the way of an Art Journal, I guess! It did, however, lead me into my LO. I thought Lonely Girl and the phrases from the two Donna Downey sets were perfect for a LO with my daughter.

For extra interest, I stamped the girl on old book text and cut her out:

photo3 - go your own way - lonely girl

I stamped the words in a repeating pattern going up the side of the LO, but I only inked them once for an ombre effect:

photo4 - go your own way - words

And I stamped one of the Mixed Media background stamps to anchor the photo, using the same stamping off technique as the words:

photo5 - go your own way - background

Which all led to this LO – no patterned paper, just lots of stamping:

photo6 - go your own way

I say to class peeps all the time, “You can’t do it wrong,” and I really mean it. A stamp mistake can be covered up, and all ideas are good ones – even the ones that don’t turn out as expected! As proof to my point, while I was putting together this LO, my 5-year-old daughter wanted to play too so she stamped and cut out Lonely Girl, and made her own page:

photo7 - mollys page

If she can do it, I know any of you can too!

Try some different stamping techniques on a project this week and see what you think. Then get some of the great stamps I mentioned above and be ready for Dina Wakley to show you how they can add fun, dimension, and interest to your work. I can’t wait to see what she teaches us about mixed media stamping!


Sara teaches all kinds of fabulous classes for the Paperie, including our popular Yearlong Album class! She is also a Design Team Member for the new Paperie Card Kit and she is on the Simple Scrapper Design Team. She is thrilled to have had her work published in both Create and Cards magazines, as well as Creating Keepsakes. Sara writes about scrapbooking, silly kids, her crazy life, and more on her blog, sarathings.

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Blog: http://sarathings.com/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/saracees
Instagram: http://instagram.com/saracees
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