Paperie Product Pick – Washi

Hi Everyone!

Anyone who knows me knows that I have a collecting ‘problem’ when it comes to paper crafting.  Specific supplies are at the top of my list – stamps and washi.  I remember once we were unpacking after a retreat and Janna took my personal  washi stash into the store thinking it was product for sale… well no actually it was all mine.  So like many of us I collect this stuff and then get into a rut – sure I use it on layouts and in my Project Life album but sometimes you get stuck doing the same old thing.  So I challenged myself one morning recently to see what I could do with it.  I also took inspiration from Paperie designer Rae Lynn and recalled some of the tips she gave us during a past retreat.  So grab a coffee and take a scroll through these ideas… and then go use some of your stash!


Card sets – I layered the washi on some kraft tags I had and then used various dies to die cut shapes out – using the positive and the negative for card fronts.



More card sets with a cute hot air balloon die…



I also used washi on my blog scheduling calendar – just a bulletin board painting and then divided with washi.  There are tons of decor ideas on Pinterest as well.


I will definitely be using some of my new chalkboard washi over the summer when we entertain – a silver sharpie and your glass is claimed!


This idea I love – washi feathers!  Basically it’s wide washi taped to the front and back of wire (I used twine as I didn’t have any wire at the time) and then cut into the shape of a feather and notched all down each side – how cute for an embellishment or gift wrap.


Filofax and day planners are all over Pinterest right now – why not make your own cute clips covered with washi from your stash.


I also decorated some tags, glassine bags, paper clips and journalling cards for Project Life.

Other Ideas:

  • using washi to label your supplies – I put on the end of my Wink of Stella markers
  • washi tape banner for decor or to embellish a page or a card – super cute!
  • punch shapes from washi – the wide wood washi I punched into circles
  • Create flag embellishments
  • decorate mini clothespins.
  • gift wrap
  • use in on your calendar or agenda to mark off long stretches of activities or when kids are in camp or travel (tip*I designated each of my children a colour and taped out their summer camps so I can at a glance see who is occupied when).


I store my washi in these art bin cases that you can purchase from The Paperie – great for keeping it all together and because they are colour coordinated I can easily grab the case I need… and yes I know I have a problem.


The Paperie has tons of gorgeous washi tape in stock and we are always adding to that – come visit us to see.  We hope this challenges you to use up some of that washi in your stash.  We’d love to hear about other uses for the wonderful stuff.

Check out our Washi Worship board on Pinterest for some more out-of-the-box ideas!


Letterpress love – finally!

Hi Everyone!

So we finally received the letterpress order we’ve been waiting on for months and months! That’s what happens when companies get bought out I guess… So it arrived and I am so smitten! Love the handmade artsy look of this process. It requires time to set it up properly and get comfortable with it but once you do – bring on mass production of cards/labels/ embellishments etc. So easy!

Letterpress is basically creating a debossed inked image using ink, plates and a specialty type of paper. We R Memory Keepers has combined necessary supplies into a basic kit (available at The Paperie) that contains the plates (which work with leading die-cut machines – I use my Big Shot), several colours of ink, a set of plates, the ink base and brayer, letterpress cleaning cloths, adhesive sheets, ink guide strips and placement guides. A great selection of the products available and a great way to tell which you will want more of or which you will find different options for. Great value.

So in an attempt to take you through my process here are some step-by-step photos:

First I opened the package and looked through the instructional materials and then promptly went and watched {this video} that takes you through the contents and how to. Here are some of my initial thoughts on the process:

You only need a very small amount of the ink on the plate – let me repeat a very small amount; do not squeeze the tube or it will seep (see photo)! The tubes are like medicated ointment tubes where you have to puncture the tip before any will come out – be careful not to squeeze while doing so or below will happen to you too. It’s all good, it cleaned up nicely.


You need to roll out the ink and work it quite a bit to get a thin layer – if you have it rolled too thick the pressed image will be blotchy and bleed a bit.  This is the navy – about 1/2 the size of a pea is what I put down and rolled out.


Note: the ink plate has ‘feet’ use the other side so as not to spread the ink over them.

Next it’s time to get your plates ready but adding some adhesive to the back – you do not need to cover the whole image (which I did initially) just enough to get it to stay secure. After use I stuck the adhesive backing back on the plate in the hopes I’ll get another use out of it – we’ll have to wait and see on that one.  I placed the plates on the adhesive sheet and traced and cut out – you do not need to be this precise just use some adhesive to make the plates stick to the printing plates. For the floral image I used the navy and then had to use the placement guides to put the thanks down and ink with orange … sounds complicated but after you play a bit it really isn’t and there are lots of videos out there.


The video link above shows you the whole process a lot better than I can however I will make note that if you want a deeper impression you can add card stock shims under the paper side of the plates – just add sparingly so you don’t put too much pressure on your plates.


Here are my finished initial project with the letterpress system – I’m super pleased with them and can think of many projects where I plan to use letterpress.


The card above is the first one I made – not bad if I do say so! It’s so hard to see on camera but there is a lovely impression with these plates that is just so amazing and simple.  This example would be considered 2 colour letterpress since I had to ink the plates with 2 different colours.  I can see how down the road I might want 2 of the ink bases and brayers to make this go faster.


I also tried out some of the other letterpress plate sets that we stock – and I had to have!  The recipe one is one that I ordered in specifically for an idea I have for a future kit so we can order that one in for anyone but the others are in stock now. The orange cards I plan to incorporate into Project Life this week – love the versatility of this system!

If you are interested in the letterpress come visit us or send an email and we will answer any questions. We will be doing another order in the next few days to take a look and let us know if there are any other items you’d like to see. Now I’m off to explore options for Christmas card design with the letterpress!


Paperie Product Pick – Hero Arts Neon

Hi Everyone!  It’s Krista with a Paperie Product Pick.

I don’t know if you know but Pantane’s colour of the year is Orchid- a beautiful shade of purple. But, not a shade you see often in scrapbooking supplies.  Until I saw-and fell in love with- the Hero Arts neon purple spray. I’ve been in love with the neon Hero Arts colours for ages now & I’m here to tell you why you need them- because they are truly beautiful.  First, they come in a variety of beautiful colours including blue, purple, pink, red, yellow, orange & green- and word on the street is they’re releasing some more neon colours soon.

Image 3


And of course you can mist & tap tap tap with your mists & they will provide you with vibrant colors.



But, I wanted to show you some other ways you can use them.  For example, try making a few pools of your favourite mists on your Tim Holtz mat. Using a water-colour brush, grab some of the liquid and brush it onto a rubber stamp-like a polka dot background stamp.  Add multiple colours for a cool water-colour stamping effect.



I also found a cool tutorial  by Jennifer McGuire involving an iron & some embossing powder. Yep. You read that correctly.  So I used a cool flower stamp and clear embossing it onto white cardstock. Then I slowly added various neon mists using a paintbrush, sort of like watercolor.

Image 4


By adding some printer paper over top of the stamped image and lightly rubbing with your warm iron, you can ‘pull’the embossing powder off the image giving you a cool matte finish on your paper. So, of course, when all of the experimenting was complete I had to create a layout-and why not stick with the colour of the year?  I used the new Amy Tangerine Plus One collection’s die cuts in the Big shot to create the ‘xoxo’& the ‘polaroid’as well.

Image 2


You’ll notice I also added in the water-colour stamped background as a little background piece.

Image 5


Check out the neon mists. I know they are vibrant and can be a little intimidating but they are beautiful!


Paperie Product Pick – Typewriter Blueprint Stamp

Hi Everyone we are back with another product pick; this time featuring some gorgeous projects by Karen Young using the Tim Holtz Typewriter Blueprint stamp.

Image 7

Hi! Karen here, to talk about this awesome Tim Holtz stamp – the Vintage Typewriter Blueprint. First off, I really LOVE the blueprint look. And specifically, the typewriter is awesome because it brings me back to my childhood, when I was learning how to type on my blue Brother typewriter! Good times!

Image 6

This stamp is excellent for card making because you can use it for all sorts of occasions – birthday, valentine’s, anniversary, just because… The list goes on!

Image 8

Image 9

Image 5

It’s great for other projects too, like journal cards for layouts or project life. You can even use it to make fun and unique place name cards.

Image 10

Image 12

I also used it to make this fun 6×6 canvas, and a cute notebook I made as a gift.

Image 11

Love this canvas!

Image 13


Image 2

And finally, one of my favourite ways to use the stamp is to ink only the blueprint lines to use on layouts.

Image 1

{Editor Note: SO clever! Never would’ve thought to do this!}

Image 3

This stamp has definitely been a great addition to my stamp collection!


Thanks so much Karen for your gorgeous projects – come visit us at The Paperie to see them in real life!

Paperie Picks: Lori loves Donna Downey Stamps!

Paperie Picks: Donna Downey Unity Stamps

Hello Everyone! Lori here, to tell you about one of my favourite supplies to use when scrapbooking, card making, or doing mixed media projects. I love stamps! I’ve been collecting stamps since I started paper crafting in 2006 and I’m always adding to my collection!

Two of my favourite stamp sets are the “Art & Possibility” and “Empowered Words” Unity sets by Donna Downey.

Donna Downey art&possibliity and empowered words unity stamp sets

Donna Downey is a very talented mixed media artist and scrapbooker. As I’m sure many of you know, Mixed Media art and art journaling are very popular and are trending in paper-crafting.

These stamps are so versatile. They can be used for just about any project you can make- cards, scrapbook pages, art journaling, mixed media projects and so forth. The possibilities are endless.

Donna Downey Unity Empowered words

Recently I participated in a Puzzle piece swap with a few paper crafters/artists from all over Canada. We each purchased our own puzzle and put it together. We numbered each piece, labeled it accordingly, and then mailed a piece of the puzzle to each of the participating members.

labeling puzzle piece

At the end of the swap I will have a whole puzzle of mini art pieces to hang on my wall.

The “Art & Possibility” and “Empowered Words” stamp sets were awesome for this small scale mixed media art project. I stamped some of the quotes directly on to my project using Staz-On or stamped directly on paper or vellum and cut it out.

Here are some of the puzzle pieces I created with these stamp sets, click on each thumbnail picture to enlarge.

Wouldn’t these be beautiful ideas to re-create in an art journal or for a canvas on your wall?! The individual stamps can be used as a whole or you can piece together different words from other quotes in the set to create a custom quote or word. In the piece below I cut out words from each quote to make “but I know who I am”.

If you are just starting to art journal or need some quotes for your paper crafting projects, these stamps are a must have – I absolutely love them! The Paperie has them in stock right now so comment, email or call to get your hands on them!

If you already have these stamp sets and have used them on your projects we would love to see them. Post a link to your gallery/blog so we can see your beautiful works of art! You can also upload them to the Paperie’s gallery on Facebook.

If you have any questions or comments on any of my puzzle pieces, please feel free to leave a comment on this post. I will try to answer all of your question!

Happy Crafting!


Sara’s Paperie Pick: Silks

Hi all! It’s Sara back again after almost a month’s absence – did you miss me? 🙂

Today I want to talk to you about Luminarte Silks. I demonstrated these at the fall Retreat earlier this month, and did a tutorial on my personal blog, but this time I want to show you something different. 

I know a lot of people aren’t into Mixed Media yet (get on that, my friends, it’s so much fun!) or don’t want to buy a product they can only use on cards or tags, so I’m going to show you how to use Silks on your scrapbook LO’s. It’s a good way to get more from your products, which makes it easier to justify buying them, and it also a good way to dip your toe in the Mixed Media art world. Plus, it adds a little something different to your work. 

For LO’s, there are two main ways I like to incorporate the shimmering goodness that are Silks glazes – over a stencil and as a photo mat. 

Most of us are used to spraying mist over a stencil and using them in that way but you can also dry brush paint over them to get a completely different look. Paints are also very economical because you use so little for this technique! 

Just add a little paint or glaze to your nonstick craft mat, dip your stipple brush in (this is a firm, flat tipped brush specifically for this type of use) and then dab most of it off – you want a very dry brush. Remember, fluid and stencils do not mix; the drier the medium, the sharper the stenciled image. Once you have almost no paint on your brush – trust me, you have more than you realize! – start tapping your brush or lightly swirling it over the stencil to get the colour on your page. In this LO, I focused the dot stencil in the area of the main photo to bring all the attention there, while adding arrows, or chevrons, of colour to lead your eye to that same photo.

It’s a little less messy to work with than mist, much easier to control, and a little more arty looking. The slightly messier look lends itself well to children’s pictures who are rarely in a perfect and neat state! 

As an aside, I used the November Paperie kit for this LO and although I loved the shape of the chipboard Thickers that were included, the colour was wrong. I simply sanded them and recoloured them with the tube from the included spray mist.

And see the shimmer? That’s the new Blizzard Mister Hueys from Studio Calico. Trust me on this, it’s a must buy – call the store now and get one held, you’ll thank me! J Plus, the iridescent shimmer goes so well with the Silks shimmer!

For my second LO I used the same kit (check out the Thickers, I left them as is for this one) and used my Silks as a photo mat.

The great thing about using paint in this way is that it adds a ton of energy to your page – fantastic for LO’s with children, about sports, anything that has movement. The other nice thing is that it’s meant to be imperfect and have brush strokes and uneven lines so there’s no possible way to mess it up – you’ll always get it right! 

I also like to use the Silks to recolour embellishments, like the wood veneer people in the top left corner:

One coat and they dry almost instantly – quick and easy! 

If you want to see more ideas and learn a little more about the Silks, check out this tutorial on my blog, and check at the store for the bits and pieces I did at the Retreat demo. Also, you may want to watch Marah Johnson’s Youtube channel – she’s the mixed media guru at Creative Imaginations and has some great videos featuring Silks.

I hope you try out these paints, they really are amazing with incredible shimmer! Then go upload your LO’s to the Paperie Community Gallery on Facebook so we can all check them out!



Sara is The Paperie’s Head Instructor and leads our most popular class to date – the Yearlong Album class! She is a past design team member for the shop and is thrilled to have had her work published in both Create and Cards magazines. Sara writes about scrapbooking, silly kids, her crazy life, and more on her blog, sarathings. She has recently returned from Orlando where she did 4 days of training and workshops – we’re very excited about the multitude classes she already has planned for you – including her upcoming Non-traditional Colours Christmas Card class featuring Hero Arts stamps and inks! 

Find Sara online: